How to File a Petition for Annulment of Marriage in the Philippines

As the Philippines treasure family values so much, it is quite difficult to obtain annulment. There are many things to consider, much to pay, lots of time to render, and extreme efforts to   exert. In the end, it is not assured that the annulment petition will be granted.

The process could be risky. But for spouses who are grew tired of getting hurt and getting tired of all the heartaches a fail marriage gives, everything will be worth the try.

Annulment of Marriage

The first and most essential part of the process is to find a competent lawyer – someone who has enough knowledge on marital issues. The applicant will then be asked to write his or her marital history, starting from when they [couple] met, why the relationship failed and what happened during the entire marriage.

A psychological evaluation will be held in order to prove that the party filing the annulment is in good mental condition. If proven otherwise, the application will be considered pointless.

The  lawyer must then file the petition to the Regional Trial Court. 15 days must be allotted for initial processing, and if the application is proven valid by the court, a notice will be sent to the spouse. Afterwards, a collusion investigation will take place. This is to determine that there is no conspiracy between the two parties. If no collusion is proven, a pre-trial will be held in the RTC, wherein evidence will be presented and witnesses will be summoned, in support of the application.

The process normally takes six (6) months to one (1) year, or more, depending on the delays circumstances may bring.

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